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Our goal here at Makana Leadership Academy, is positive "outcomes" that are continual. We answer to no investor or bottom-line profit. We are driven instead, by our triple-bottom-line objective. Our mission, which is to provide "better care" for our youth, is the personal commitment of each individual on our team of staff. Our promise and our gift to our wayward teenagers and their families, is lasting change and a hopeful future.

Currently, Makana does not yet have a boarding school located in Montana.
Therefore, enrollment into our boarding school will require a temporary relocation to Utah.

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Boarding Schools Montana MT

Boarding Schools Montana

Makana Leadership Academy is an accredited high school, with a campus that operates much like the typical boarding schools in Montana, in that we are both structured and nurturing. Our curriculum is based on a holistic approach, emerging science, and progressive techniques that ultimately leads to great personal development. Our goal is to inspire learning within each student. We offer academic recovery programs, designed to help teenagers get back on track in school, make up credits they've missed, and get themselves back on the road to graduation. At Makana, our boarding school provides a quality education for students who live on our school campus (as opposed to a day school).

One of the primary advantages of a boarding school for a at-risk adolescent, is the separation from their current social group of friends and influences that often keep them down. These "issues" can range from cognitive learning challenges to unhealthy behaviors or declining academics, which can't be properly addressed in a traditional school environment. Here at Makana, we take the time to understand each student, and provide them with academics at their personal level and pace, while teaching them to establish healthy habits and eradicate any resistance to change.

boarding schools Montana - troubled youth

Each Makana student begins with a Student Academic Achievement Plan which is created to help them with setting goals related to graduation, GED, ACT, and college-preparatory items. Our students attend multiple classes per day, moving to different classrooms with different teachers and subjects. Each student is placed in one of six different class groupings, based upon their academic and developmental needs. Students with disabilities have Individualized Education Plans (IEP) that are used to assess and serve their individual needs. A variety of special-needs services are provided by consulting providers when necessary.

"I never thought graduation was an option. Now I can see myself graduating and going to college."

– L.M. (Student)

Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

Many of our students who attend our boarding school have been unsuccessful in mainstream educational settings, even if they are very bright. We have come to understand that these teenagers need strategies to help them succeed; strategies that our experienced staff can provide. Also, for struggling teens whose home lives may not be conducive to healing, or for whom round the clock monitoring and support is required, boarding schools for troubled teens, like Makana's, can be most beneficial.

boarding schools Montana - troubled teens

At Makana, we believe that knowledge is the key to helping teenagers reach their aspirations – regardless of disability, circumstance, or background. For adolescents with learning disabilities like dyscalculia, ADHD, or processing deficits, they can receive a level of attention at Makana that simply is not available in traditional schools.

We have seen, that once our students are able to face some of their more challenging internal conflicts, they inevitably find themselves better able to address and overcome life's problems. Offering wayward teen boys and girls a chance to really tackle some of their deeper issues can open them up to an entirely new way of living their lives.

Boarding School for Troubled Youth

Makana's teachers are licensed by the state, and have all worked in other alternative learning environments prior to coming to Makana. Our academic staff is adept at addressing issues such as poor study habits, anxious reactions, resistance to follow-through, and rebellion toward authority. Our academic team of staff is prepared with both an effective credit recovery strategy, and the ability to inspire new areas of interest for each student. With these tools, our boarding school for troubled youth helps its students gain enthusiasm for their educational goals – even beyond high school graduation.

Our classrooms are moderate in size, with up to 10 students per classroom. Core subjects are taught by our experienced and skilled staff, and a large list of courses are offered online with teacher support. Here at Makana, we help each student to focus on topics that inspire them and assist them with discovering the learning style that comes most naturally to them. We know that once a student recognizes what they are capable of, he or she will go from a "hopeless" feeling about their high-school graduation, to setting ambitious goals for their education.

We apply the lessons in a practical setting as students research, design, plan, budget, strategize, and build a project. Each project integrates multiple courses to demonstrate how education can translate into real-life practical application. Then, completed projects are donated or sold to the local community, and the students who participate in these courses earn a true sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction.

Igniting the intrinsic drive to succeed

Makana is Hawaiian, a term that means "gift," and the gift our program offers is hope. Makana is a youth leadership academy, designed to help each individual become a powerful leader. We do this by teaching our students how to acquire the skills needed for success, establish healthy habits, and eradicate any resistance to change. We answer to no bottom-line profits, nor investors, and our goal is simple; "positive outcomes that are perpetual." We achieve these outcomes by our commitment to the Makana mission, which is to administer "exceptional care" to our students.

Makana is a youth leadership academy, designed to help each individual become a powerful leader. We do this by teaching our students how to establish healthy habits, eradicate any resistance to change, and acquire the skills needed for success. We begin with the end result in mind, which is a skilled, powerful, and competent leader – ready to weather any of life's challenges. Our program is a "continuum of care," because it is not a short-term interruption, but an ongoing development into independent success.

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