Thank you for your interest in Makana Leadership Academy (Makana). We are honored that you would consider working with us to help elevate your family. Our core mission is to instill an entrepreneurial drive and resiliency for those who attend Makana through immersive treatment, experiential education, and renowned leadership training, We are committed to helping your son or daughter with a transformational experience and your entire family with a life-changing opportunity which can holistically heal what’s felt lost.

We understand that finding the best help for your teen can feel overwhelming. But we want you to know that we are here to help guide you through this journey. Placing your child in a stranger’s care is nerve-wracking to say the least. For this reason, our team is ready for your call and eager to answer your questions to make you feel as confident as possible. Our goal is to help you explore as a family what the “right fit” would look like and help you to make the best decision possible during this uncertain time.

If your family determines they would like to move forward with exploring Makana and pursue enrollment, we will work diligently to ensure your needs as a family are met and you receive all the information that you may need to make an informed decision. Our team unapologetically believes that for a student to be successful in our leadership academy and beyond, that it will require families to remain active, present, and excited about the journey forward.


To qualify for admission to Makana, your child and family must meet the following criteria:

  • Student is between the ages of 14 and 17
  • Student must undergo and pass a physical evaluation prior to enrolling to ensure that they can safely participate in the physical components of the academy.
  • Demonstrate a need for help overcoming issues such as academic, behavioral, substance abuse, and interpersonal challenges while at home, in school, and in the community.
  • Family can pinpoint a time in their child’s life where they were excelling, full of joy, and on a great path.
  • Families must be an active participant in the child’s treatment. This is an essential part of the program and in reuniting the family. Refusal to be an active part in your child’s treatment can be a reason for denial into Makana.
  • If your child is currently on psychotropic medication or other medications it will be reviewed by our medical team prior to acceptance.
  • Students who have graduated from a wilderness therapy program are exceptional candidates. Our program offers an effective continuation of the foundations initiated in an outdoor program.


Unfortunately, Makana is not equipped to accept certain students who are experiencing or demonstrating any of the following:

  • Actively self-harming or exhibiting suicidal/homicidal behavior
  • Extreme aggression
  • Eating disorders
  • Pregnancy
  • Detoxification
  • Active hallucinations
  • Certain medical conditions including, but not limited to, diabetes, active epilepsy, hypoglycemia, severe asthma, and severe allergies.


Starting the applicant journey at Makana is as simple as making a phone call. You will be connected with a member of our admissions team who will help you navigate the application and assessment process. We want to ensure that we are the right fit for your family.


Call (801) 679-4261 or send us your name and email and we will quickly reply to schedule a conversation with our admissions staff. 


In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.

– Dalai Lama


  • We'll listen. We'll gather information that is necessary to determine your child’s suitability for our academy and create an application for review.
  • Our team will clinically and medically review it to determine whether or not we feel your family is an appropriate fit. We aim to review all completed applications within twenty-four hours.
  • Upon approval, you will complete additional paperwork and we will coordinate an enrollment date with our admissions team once all the paperwork is in place.
  • If you are not able to bring your child to campus then we will put you in touch with a transport service that can assist.
  • Once your child arrives on campus, they will go through orientation which includes meeting our team of individuals that they will be working with throughout this journey. You will be able to participate in their orientation during which you will speak to your child’s therapist and other members of our team.
  • After your child is settled, you will receive login information for our parent portal in which you will receive weekly updates, photos, treatment plans, and other important communications. You will also be invited to begin participation in our parent program that includes a weekly coaching session.


Makana charges a daily rate of $460 per day. Prior to admission we will require a non-refundable enrollment fee of $2,500 and a deposit for the first 60 days. After this initial fee and deposit, we will bill families on a monthly basis.

As a courtesy to our student’s families, Makana will provide you with the necessary documentation required by your insurance carrier for possible reimbursement upon request. However, Makana will not actively pursue, advocate, or obtain insurance claims on your family’s behalf. At your request, Makana will provide recommendations to known third party claim specialists who may be able to assist you with this.

Makana Leadership Academy is considered an out-of-network provider and unable to guarantee coverage of services or accept insurance payments directly.

Some services provided at Makana may qualify for a medical tax deduction. While Makana does not provide tax advice, we will provide you documentation at your request for specific accounting needs. Please contact your admissions coordinator for further assistance.

We understand the burden of getting treatment covered can feel impossible. There are lending providers that specifically work with these types of situations to make funds readily available to help financially manage these crisis’. We encourage families to reach out to their local banks and lending agencies to see what kind of resources are available to financially support them.

One such lender is Prosper Healthcare Lending, which is a financial company that provides loans to families specifically for behavioral healthcare needs. You can visit their website at prosperhealthcare.com.

Makana Leadership Academy neither collects datamining from our website nor dispenses any private or personal information to third parties. Any information given on the application or on our secure Parent Portal is for the sole purpose of client treatment and is protected by HIPAA privacy standards.

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