Disrupting the Status Quo of
Perpetual Therapizing with
a Continuum of Care

The concept is simple: we put an end to perpetual therapizing and never-ending program-hopping. We begin with the end in mind: a powerful, competent, skilled leader, ready to take on any life challenge. We do this through progressive, daily immersion into challenging physical, emotional, educational, and leadership stressors to create the best possible transition into a successful, thriving adult life.

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Makana Continuum
Of Care

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Wilderness provides a solid foundation on which to build. With a rebooted physical and mental state, students come to us feeling strong, optimistic, and much less resistant to the therapy and learning we offer at Makana.

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In the first 3 months at Makana, our students acclimate to daily routines that establish healthy habits in what we call the 4 Dimensions of Wellness. They begin to explore new ways of thinking as they grow in self-awareness and confidence.

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With foundational habits and routines in place, we are able to focus on gaining skills that set our students up for success at home. They focus on academic achievements, stress management techniques, and build a personal brand and life-plan.

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Everything we do is to prepare for the test of real-life. As each student practices adulthood, we stay in close contact with parents and students with coaching calls, continued therapy, and academic and employment counseling to make the transition successful.

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Reset To Peace

We request our students to attend a wilderness therapy program before coming to Makana.

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Wilderness provides a solid foundation on which to build. With a rebooted physical and mental state, students come to us feeling strong, optimistic, and much less resistant to the learning and therapy we offer at Makana. In wilderness, students are able to detox from chemical and social influences. They gain improved fitness as a result of regular sleep, hydration, and daily physical exertion. Wilderness provides a unique opportunity to connect to the earth, comrades, and oneself. The result is a grounded, confident, humble, and hungry youngster ready for continued personal growth.

Contact Admissions for a Wilderness Program Recommendation for Your Child

At Makana, we continue to build a connection to the earth and a remembrance of our ancestral wisdom through primitive skills, camping excursions, and plenty of outdoor activities.

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Life Mastery

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Establish Habits

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The Life Mastery course takes place during the first 3 months at Makana and helps our students establish daily habits that build a foundation of holistic wellbeing. We focus on the 4 Dimensions of Wellness as outlined below that help the student gain the physical, mental, emotional, and social health they need before they begin our leadership course.

Each student will gain a new, deeper awareness of their own mind and the emotions that come up when they entertain certain thoughts. By the end of the Life Mastery course, they will have gained new confidence and enthusiasm for what’s possible for their lives as they experience the benefits of a healthier body, better emotional health, and a trusting social environment.

4-Dimensional Health

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How we think dictates how we feel, how we experience situations, how we see ourselves and others. It is the filter through which we experience life. We can absolutely control our thoughts; therefore, we can control our mental health. Intentionally strengthening our ability to think, focus, and visualize is a daily meditation ritual at Makana that helps develop a positive world view and boost academic achievement.

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What we eat, how often we move and exercise, the quality of our sleep all play a major role in our mental health and immune system. Most likely we all know the things we could improve upon, but most of us haven’t incorporated healthy habits into our lives. Makana helps transform “good decisions” into lifestyle habits with healthy eating, daily fitness, and constructive daily routines.

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When we yield control of our thoughts to a victim mindset, we sabotage our happiness and become blind to the truth of who we are. Healing comes not from willpower or force but rather from gaining awareness of our patterns, exploring their origins, and reprogramming the memories and assumptions behind them. We then arrive at a knowledge of our power – that we are in no way the victim of externals for the cause of happiness and all achievement is within us.

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Strong social skills require awareness and practice. Often our ability to have healthy relationships is hindered by past trauma. Studies in Attachment Theory help us understand our personal attachment style and how to work toward trusting relationships in personal, professional, and public settings. Everything that we do is in relation to others. As we practice trust and creating value for ourselves and others, our relationships and opportunities flourish.

Leadership Training

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Gain Skills

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The leadership training course is the second part of our campus program and begins after a student has been able to establish healthy habits and has gained a positive vision for what is possible in their lives. Now we begin to dream big, learn practical skills, and plan for the future.

The leadership course teaches communication skills, stress management techniques, and organizational skills. Each student sets academic, professional, and relationship goals. Before each student leaves our campus program, they are prepared with a defined personal brand, a detailed Greenwood career planning report, and a professional business plan that will guide them after they return home.


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Many of our students come to Makana with a desire to make up high school credits. Not only is our academic team prepared with an effective credit recovery strategy, but they are also prepared to inspire new areas of interest and help each student gain enthusiasm for their educational goals after high school graduation.

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Skills Course

Our leadership course is a college- level program that teaches the 4 disciplines of leadership: focus, performance indicators, strategy, and overcoming roadblocks. They will learn stress management, communication, and organizational skills that will prepare them to tackle any goal with confidence and preparation.

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Brand Course

One of our student’s final projects will be the creation of a professionally guided personal brand. They will take control of their reputation with a planned, designed, and intentional public identity. They will leave with a guidebook that will direct how they present their personal story to the world.

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We have partnered with Greenwood career consulting to offer each student the best career-matching and personality test in the world. The result is a powerful report that details abilities, interests, values, and personality to serve as an effective guide to career and educational pursuits.

Mastermind Aftercare

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The Network Effect

We consider the day a student returns home to be the beginning. What happens now is what we’ve been preparing for. This mindset is unique among educational institutions in general let alone therapeutic programs. After a student leaves our campus, they continue to participate in our program with ongoing training and coaching for the student, their parents, and their entire support network of caring peers and adults.

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Makana Mentors

Each student and family will be assigned two Mastermind Mentors. These Mentors will have already developed a relationship with the student and parents. Their objective is to build clarity and positive momentum during the transition to home or school and will be in regular (often daily) contact with the student and family. The purpose of these calls is to offer coaching and continuing education to all who are part of the students expanded network of influence.

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Striving for a
Social Bottom Line

As a nonprofit organization, we answer to one boss: the outcome of each student and family after they leave our program. As our students become increasingly more connected with family, friends, life-long comrades, & professional mentors, countless opportunities to lead and be led become available throughout this rich network effect. This is how we aim to change the world.


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Leaving a Legacy

Graduating from Makana Leadership Academy is a significant right of passage. Cultivating the lifelong development of our alumni community is a mission driven by our belief that the world needs better leaders. Makana will host an annual thought-leadership and achievements summit, creating face-to-face interactions and sharing between both students, families, and mentors.

Makana will host top minds in business, science, and academia as guest presenters. The learning this tradition will create is bigger than a two-day gathering — it’s a year-round conversation launch pad.

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We call upon our alumni to become mentors for the next generations. Their struggled pathway to greatness becomes an example of what’s possible for our current enrollees.

Our vision is to create 10,000 powerful leaders that will produce a profound rippling effect to future generations.

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