Wondering what the boarding school experience is like and what it can offer your child? Boarding schools can provide very different experiences for everyone, based on the individual and the school.

If you are exploring the boarding school direction, you just may end up finding yourself on an insightful adventure with your child.

What is Boarding School Like?

Immediately following the decision to enroll a child into boarding school, parents face many difficult decisions. Locating the most viable, cost-effective, reputable, and safe institution is paramount.

There is perhaps no more incredible difficulty for these parents than coming to terms with the fact that sending their child to a boarding school, though advantageous for their future it may be, means they will not see their child for many months at a time each year.

The main difference between boarding schools and other private schools is that students are required to live on campus, typically throughout most of the year (excluding holiday breaks such as Christmas, spring break, etc.).

These long periods away from home can be difficult and quite daunting for both students and parents - especially if said teen has never left their home for extended periods in the past.

Gaining a further understanding of what daily life is like for students enrolled at a boarding school can better prepare and ease many stresses that both teen and parent may have.

What is Life Like at Boarding School?

Below is a summary of what life is like at a boarding school and what makes them a desirable destination for students.

Quality Education

Unlike non-residential private schools, institutions that are primarily inconsistent in terms of quality in education, residential boarding schools have a resoundingly stellar reputation of excellence in providing students with a quality education. With smaller class sizes, removing students from all distractions, and employing the nation's top high school educators, it's no surprise why six out of ten students said they chose a boarding school because it offered the highest academic standards.

A Rich Social Life (Making Lifelong Friends)

What is Life Like at a Boarding School?

While living away from home for up to a year may sound scary and lonely, the fact is that (due to the fact they live in close quarters and experiencing the same experience of being in a strange place) most students end up building intensely strong bonds with their classmates. What's more, many of them develop lifelong friendships rarely seen in non-residential student groups.

Safer Environment

Unlike public schools, residential private schools are efficient in filtering out negative influences and behaviors such as drugs and student violence. With increased budgets to provide top-tier security and checks, students who live on campus enjoy a level of comfort and safety they would unlikely experience at a public institute.

Makana Leadership Academy

Makana is a non-profit organization. Because of this, we aren't bound to investors or shareholders seeking higher profitability. Instead, we gauge success by the positive "outcomes" of the families we serve, who are the lifeline of our program's success. We are dedicated to putting our financial gains to work for the sole interest of our students and their families. Some of the ways we do this are through improvements to our facility, increasing our capacity to help more families, augmented learning possibilities, and expanding our required staff.

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