The appeal of attending boarding schools today comes from students or families who want the receive the best education possible. These families are often they're looking for a more "rigorous" option, versus what can be found at their local public school. In addition to the demanding classes boarding schools typically offer, an organized schedule of extracurricular activities, sports, and allotted time for studying is inherent.

A typical boarding school provides education for the students who live on the campus, as opposed to a day school, where pupils return to their homes at the end of the school day. The term "boarding" is used to mean "room and board," e.g., lodging and included meals. Traditionally, students stay at the school for the length of the term; although some boarding schools allow their students to return home every weekend.

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A boarding school typically has multiple, separate residential houses, either within the school campus or in a close surrounding area. Classes are typically small, with student-teacher ratios of 10:1 or less. The work is challenging for any student, as some boarding schools even have Saturday classes. Boarding schoolers have reported spending an average of 17 hours per/week on homework, which is more than twice that of public schoolers. Also, athletics or extracurricular activities are often required from each student.

Although the function and ethos of boarding school varies greatly, the two main categories of boarding schools are "therapeutic" and "college prep." And within these two main categories, there are single-sex schools (all boys or all girls), but more common are the co-educational (mixed-gender) schools. Here at Makana, we are both, a co-educational therapeutic boarding school, and a youth leadership academy.

The purpose of therapeutic boarding schools is to provide a nurturing and supporting setting, that young people with mental or behavioral health issues need, to overcome their self-destructive behavior.

College Prep schools are a "college preparation." Students who attend these schools must complete a specific curriculum that meets the college admissions requirements of their intended college or university.

Other varieties of boarding schools are:

  • Military boarding schools
  • Religious boarding schools
  • Traveling boarding schools
  • Sailing boarding schools
  • Outdoor boarding schools
  • Schools for special educational needs

Makana is a youth leadership academy, designed to help each individual become a powerful leader. We do this by teaching our students how to conquer any resistance to change, acquire the skills needed for success, and develop healthy habits. We begin with the end result in mind, which is a powerful, competent, and skilled leader – ready to take on any life challenge. Our program is a "continuum of care," because it is not a short-term interruption, but an ongoing transition into independent success.

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