Makana is a youth leadership academy designed to help each individual become a powerful leader. We do this by teaching our students how to obtain the skills needed for success, establish healthy habits, and overcome any resistance to change. We begin with the end result in mind, which is a competent, skilled, and powerful leader – ready to surmount any of life's challenges. Our program is a "continuum of care," because it is not a short-term interruption, but an ongoing transformation into independent success.

What are Qualities of a Good Leader?

When it comes to having a leader's qualities, many believe that they are innate characteristics a person is born with. However, throughout the following, we will point out that most leader qualities are skills that can be learned rather than dependent upon birth.

1 - Effective leaders emphasize the importance of emotional intelligence

According to experts, leaders who, in addition to dishing it out, can accept criticism and feedback from others. This open-mindedness is only made possible with a high emotional IQ - A trait that every good leader works to hone.

2 - The ability to motivate, encourage, and strategize the action of others

What Are The Top Leadership Skills That Make a Great Leader?

Of course, what would any good leader be without the ability to motivate others? The ability to encourage others, in a sense, is what leadership is all about. That said, it is pertinent that any good leader can inspire, delegate, and strategize with others. Consequently, it is these qualities that yield the most optimal results.

3 - A genuine leader will encourage their followers to think innovational

Equally crucial for any leader is their ability to encourage others to think for themselves to promote the most innovative results. In other words, a good leader doesn't merely micromanage others. Instead, they lead by example and trust in the unique abilities of each member of their team and root for their success.

4 - A true leader has a strong code of ethics

A true leader understands the importance of living by a code of ethics by which he or she follows. By employing a strong code of conduct, a leading man or woman can lead by example. This robust moral code is essential for team bonding and trust-building amongst team members.

5 - Leaders emphasize the importance of cross-cultural communication

When it comes to leading a team, a respected leader understands the importance of communicating between different cross-cultures, such as individuals, departments, and organizations within their purview. By emphasizing the importance of cross-communication, those in charge can ensure their team is working as a cohesive unit, primed for efficacy.

Our goal here at Makana Leadership Academy, is positive "outcomes" that are continual. We answer to no investor or bottom-line profit. We are driven instead, by our triple-bottom-line objective. Our mission, which is to provide "better care" for our youth, is the personal commitment of each individual on our team of staff. Our promise and our gift to our wayward teenagers and their families, is lasting change and a hopeful future.

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