Are you contemplating a therapeutic boarding school for your teen but have concerns about whether or not they work?

What is a Therapeutic Boarding School?

Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools Work

Therapeutic boarding schools are specialized academic facilities that also function as a residential treatment program for struggling teenagers. Like traditional boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools require teens to live on campus for an extended period. In terms of a definitive timeframe, it varies from program to program.

While therapeutic boarding schools share similarities with traditional boarding schools (such as providing students with a fully accredited high school curriculum), they are, of course, vastly different in terms of their functionality.

Whereas traditional residential high schools function as a regular live-in high school, therapeutic-based facilities cater to teenagers whose lives - due to underlying, behavioral or mental health-related issues, Eg. attachment disorders, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, emotional trauma, and substance abuse - have become out of control are in need of behavioral, emotional, and/or mental health rehabilitation services.

Do Therapeutic Boarding Schools Work?

By the time most parents even start to consider a therapeutic boarding school for their child, they have reached a point of crisis long ago.

When a troubled teen needs to get away from too many negative influences they’re involved with at home, sending them to a therapeutic boarding school can be a life-changing decision.

Having said, Makana Leadership Academy was created in response to what we consider an incredibly underperforming industry of youth treatment programs. With roots in wilderness therapy, we have assembled a world-class team of experienced professionals who are passionate about our mission to provide better care for our youth and address the shortcomings of the options available to caring families.

What Makes Us Different

What Makes Makana Different

Continuum of Care

We put an end to perpetual therapizing and never-ending program-hopping. We begin with the end in mind: a powerful, competent, skilled leader, ready to take on any life challenge. Learn more.

Turn-around Parent Program

Our parent and family program requires parents to show up to weekly training as part of our 24-week course. Learn more.

Holistic Therapy That Works

The path to emotional wellbeing involves embracing new discoveries and understanding of our human brain and mental health. Our clinical approach embraces these new science-based methods as well as established modalities that help young people overcome resistance to therapy. Learn more.

Makana is a Hawaiian term that means "gift." The gift that we at Makana offer is, hope. We're here to help not only the teenager, who has grown accustomed to the identity of "hopeless" or "ill-behaved," but the parent who often feels desperation and fear for the future. Our school is for families of adolescents, ages 14-17, who are struggling with deficient academics, perpetual self-harm, substance abuse, or defiant behaviors as a result of failing mental health.

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