For many parents, one of the most important decisions they make is where to send their children to school. The debate between private schools and public schools continually sparks controversy over which system benefits our children the most. For moms and dads of teenagers who are involved in this age-old private school vs. public school dispute, the decision between educational choices can feel overwhelming and complicated.

Are Private Schools Better Than Public Schools?

A Higher Bar

Are Private Schools Better Than Public Schools?

Children in private education are challenged and held to a higher academic standard. According to NCES data, 88 percent of private high school students apply to college, compared to 57 percent of public high school students.

Student-Teacher Ratio

Private schools tend to focus on managing their class sizes, with findings suggesting their class sizes are less than half the size of public schools on average.


A good private school will provide talented gym, art, music, dance, and theater teachers at all grade levels.

Accountable College Counseling

Whereas many public school college counseling departments serve hundreds of students per counselor, a good private school will feature a counselor to student ratio of at most 50:1. Counselors will meet with students and parents regularly throughout the process and can present personalized guidance in college selection and application procedures.

What are the benefits of private schools over public schools?

School Choice

Rather than sending your child to a public school that is required based on geography, you can open a selection of several schools that may have very different educational styles and emphases, simply because you are deciding on private education.

Makana is a youth leadership academy developed to help every student become a confident leader. We're able to accomplish this by teaching our students how to overcome any resistance to change, acquire the skills needed for success, and cultivate healthy habits. We begin with the lasting outcome in mind, which is a powerful, capable, and skilled leader - ready to take on all of life's challenges. Our program is a continuum of care because it is not a short-term interruption but a continuous transition into independent success.

Makana Academic Program

Makana is an accredited high school with a campus that operates similar to a standard school setting that is structured, nurturing, and moderate in size with up to 10 students per classroom and a staff to student ratio of 1:4.

Every student begins with a Student Academic Achievement Plan designed to support them in setting goals related to graduation, GED, ACT, and college-preparatory items. Core subjects are taught by our expert and passionate faculty, along with an extensive list of courses that are provided online with teacher support.

Our Approach To Academics

Our goal is to inspire learning within each student. Our academic staff is adept at addressing issues such as poor study habits, anxious reactions, resistance to follow-through, and defiance towards authority. We concentrate on topics that inspire each student and find the learning style that comes most naturally to them.

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