Every parental prerogative starts and ends with their child's safety. As any parent knows, worrying about their child's safety is just a part of the job.

When it comes to sending their teen to a boarding school (often, to a place that is far away from home), parents are naturally concerned and have one question: can they trust in a boarding school with their child's safety?

Are Boarding Schools Safe?

In the following, we will answer whether parents can rest assured that their child's safety will be intact while enrolled at a boarding school.

Are Boarding Schools Safe Enough For Your Child?

Boarding schools take your child's safety very seriously. Any parent who is thinking about sending their child to a reputable boarding school can rest assured; they are in good hands.

While sending their child to a faraway place may sound inherently scary, statistically speaking, a student is safer at a top-tier boarding school than they are at home.

Reasons for Additional Safety Measures

Students at a boarding school are removed from their home environment's distractions, including negative influences, the opposite sex, and the two's natural negative potential consequences.

Boarding schools are not only contractually obligated to ensure the safety of their students; they are also legally required to do so. Soon as a student steps foot on its campus, a boarding school legally becomes that child's guardian, thus, legally responsible for said student's safety.

Boarding schools employ what is known as a 'zero-tolerance policy.' Their premises enforces a strict code that prevents drugs, alcohol, and violence on its premises, whatsoever. While this does not automatically ensure that students can circumvent the statute itself, it significantly decreases the likelihood that a child will engage in said behaviors.

Overall, it is worth noting that statistically speaking, a child is much safer at a boarding school; not all institutions that identify as a boarding school are of the same quality as others. Parents should carefully research any prospective school and inquire about the safety precautions and standards of said school.

Makana Leadership Academy

Can you trust in a boarding school with their child's safety?

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