Miles Spiker
Miles Spiker

Experiential Learning

Miles has built a career around helping others with the unique focus of wilderness, music, craftsmanship and experiential education. He brings seven years of experience working with youth in wilderness and adventure therapy as well as in an international boarding school setting. As a lifelong student of music, nature and the art of play, he has found them to be three of the most influential forces that continue to empower him to be a strong leader.

Beyond the outward benefits and joys of these three elements, Miles sees that they are also powerful motifs that help contribute to the process of healing, self-discovery, and growth. After spending around 900 field days working as a mentor, he has gained an awareness of what it takes to help encourage and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

Utah Department of Human Services
Utah State Board of Education
California Department of Education
Post Adoption Service
Greenwood Associates