Jacob Pope
Jacob Pope

Executive Director

Adventures have taken Jacob Pope all over the world; living outside the United States more than in it. This has broadened his perspective of not only culture and business practices but also the human struggles that come with both poverty and prosperity. As a young adult, Jacob's thinking and worldview were profoundly shaped by working with the Arbinger Institute. From there he served as COO for the Anasazi Foundation, and most recently as the Executive Director for WinGate Wilderness Therapy.

It was in this last position that he struggled to address the genuine concerns of parents grappling with "What next?" in aftercare for their child. It was the pain of this daily plea for help that drove our team to create a solution - Makana Leadership Academy. From inception to launch, this nonprofit has inspired all who have been exposed to it. The cause is full of purpose and the need for it is acute. Each of us at Makana shares a sense of conviction, perhaps one could even say; we feel inspired to carry this torch. Helping others become leaders is much bigger than any of us. We say to those who have struggled, are struggling, or simply seeking a gap-year experience - we feel you and want to work with you.

Utah Department of Human Services
Utah State Board of Education
California Department of Education
Post Adoption Service
Greenwood Associates